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Best places for Yoga retreat in Cambodia

Cambodia, with a strong religious foundation, is said to be an ideal place for yoga and meditation. Many people travel to this Khmer world just to have a healing time with special treatments from the local experts. Following are the three best places for a yoga retreat in this country:


Kep is a favorite place for yoga and wellness thanks to its tranquil vibe and the high availability of reputable yoga centers. Yoga experts will help to design a spiritual healing program for your own. You will ease your mind and rejuvenate yourself by practicing yoga, meditating, and saying dharma talks every day.

Siem Reap

The spiritual sense and breathtaking natural scenery have made Siem Reap a great place for a yoga retreat in Cambodia. Mediation and yoga would steer you towards a more mindful approach to life. Some of the classes take place around Angkor Temples and its surrounding jungles, thus offering the absolute serenity that can hardly be seen anywhere else.

Staying away from your mobile phone and spending time reading books, joining yoga classes, and healing sessions are the best and fastest way to rebalance your chakra.

KohRong Island

How about practicing yoga at an empty beach? The tranquility of KohRong beaches has made the island a great place to ease your mind with yoga and meditation session. To find your zen, it’s a should spend days on a short-term yoga and Ayurveda retreat. Feel the slow pace of the island and let your mind be free without any worries about the life outside.