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Top luxury experiences in Cambodia

A getaway at a less-visited yet stunning beach

Beaches in Cambodia hold a much quieter and more tranquil appeal than in other countries, perhaps because this country is not so renowned for its coastline. The southern part of the country (KohRong, Song Saa) features stretching Sugar-white sand and transparent blue waters, making it perfect for a beach trip. The beaches remain untouched and less-visited, thus it would be the ideal place for a summer getaway.

A helicopter flight over Angkor Wat

Angkor is accessible in different ways, from walking tours, TukTuk ride, to elephant ride. All these offer you a close approach to every single of this massive temple complex. However, for a broad picture of the whole area, a helicopter flight is what you should not miss. Tourists will be taken on a helicopter to fly over Angkor’s sky and witness the birds’ eye view of the lush forests and the ancient sanctuaries.

Rejuvenate at a high-end resort

Along with the gateway to Angkor in Siem Reap, there appear quite a number of high-end hotels and resorts that have excellent design and top-notch services. These are great places for a Cambodia leisure trip. Living in spacious Suite, sampling delicate cuisine, rejuvenating with a soothing spa treatment, and enjoying the Apsara dance are some must-try when staying in one of these awe-inspiring places.