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Best Time To Visit Vietnam Is From September To April

Vietnam's elongated shape, stretching from the tropics to the subtropics zone, accounts for the varied climate in the country. Vietnam is a year-round destination when one part of Vietnam is cloudy and rainy, there are other parts of the country that can be sunny and warm.  

North Vietnam enjoys four seasons, meanwhile Central and South have four, rainy and dry seasons. Heat and humidity are typical weather of Vietnam. Since Vietnam covers several climatic zones, the weather can change significantly traveling north to south. Most travelers come to Vietnam from September to April.

The peak travel season in Vietnam 

 The peak season is usually from December to February, especially on Chrismas Holiday (X-Mas), New Year holidays and Lunar Traditional New Year holidays (Tet Holiday)

How about the summertime in Vietnam?

The summertime which coincides with the rainy season in Vietnam runs from May to August? Is it a good time for holidays in Vietnam? Discerning visitors often plan a journey to Vietnam with a single query in the head,“Is the summer ia good time to discover the place and enjoy beach holiday getaways?”  The simple answer is, absolutely!”

Best Time To Visit Vietnam Is From September To April