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How To Cross The Street In Vietnam?

Vietnam is notorious for having bad traffic. Yes and no. Traffic congestion seldom happens in the countryside or developing provinces. Only in densely populated areas like Hanoi, Danang, and Ho Chi Minh that the traffic are chaos.
Unfortunately, all international airports in Vietnam are located in highly concentrated areas. Therefore, it is inevitable that foreign visitors will experience bad traffic, but you should not feel too worried about crossing the road. Here are some useful tips for you:
  • Only cross the road where there are traffic lights or pedestrian bridges.
  • Call Grab or Be (taxi services that are similar to Uber)
  • Ask locals for help or join a group of Vietnamese that are about to cross the road. (Do not feel shy since a lot of Vietnamese can not cross the road as well. Language also is not a problem because you can use sign language, and most Vietnamese are willing to help.)
  • Avoid crossing the street at peak hours.
Here are some tips for you to cross the road safely. Traffic is a persistent problem in Vietnam but do not be discouraged, Vietnam still has a lot of wonderful things to offer.