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Kayaking Through Halong Bay

Everyone knows Halong Bay is a breathtaking place recognized by UNESCO as one of seven World Natural Heritages. But, does anyone know that the best way to explore Halong is kayaking? Let us explore this brand-new experience!
Hiring a kayak offers travelers priceless chance of freely discovering Halong Bay’s spectacular systems of caves and calamities, as well as observing this monumental bay’s picturesque scenery in the most genuine way. Tourists can create their own journey, which allows them to go to wherever they can sail to, which no professional tour can offer them.
There are two kinds of kayaks: recreational one and sit-on-top one. The former is famous for its stability, which is suitable for tourists who has tried this for the first time, photographers or ordinary boatmen. The latter, though offers more convenient seats which is easier for travelers to step on and off, is larger in size and therefore would understandably bring beginners a bit of difficulty.
Traveling guide
Visitors can hire a kayak with such a reasonable price of VND 40,000-50,000 (~$2) in a number of Wharfs in Halong, from Bai Chay Wharf, Hung Thang Wharf to Hong Ha Wharf and so on.