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Nam Du Archipelago

Location: An Son and Nam Du communes, Kien Hai District, Kien Giang Province, about 60km from the mainland.

Characteristics: It includes 21 islands, of which 11 ones are inhabited.

(TITC) - As the largest island of Nam Du Archipelago, Lon (Big) Island has an area of 771ha with many beautiful beaches as Dat Do, Cay Men, Ngu, Gieng, etc and 80 year-old coconut trees. This is the ideal place for visitors to sea bath, dive to see corals or catch fishes, snail, etc. To Lon Island, visitors can hire motorbikes to go around, reach the lighthouse at an altitude of 296m to visit the radar station and view the panorama of Nam Du Archipelago. From Rach Gia City, there is a high-speed boat to Lon Island, departing at 8.15am and coming back Rach Gia at 12.15am.

From Lon Islet, visitors take about 30 minutes by boat to Ngang Island – the most well-off and populous island of Nam Du Archipelago with 900 households. Ngang Island has the port gathering many fishing boats. Coming here, in addition to sea bathing, visitors also have opportunity to admire the green coconut tree rows and cliffs with unique shaped rocks, walk around the coastal fishing village to visit the fishermen’s fish cages to learn about their life, enjoy seafood. In Ngang Island, there is Ba Chua Xu Temple built quite solidly.

Located more than 2km to the south-east of Ngang Island, Mau Island has an area of 200ha with more than 120 households. This island possesses potential to develop leisure tourism with many charming beaches such as Chuong, Bac, Nam, Nom… and friendly and hospitable local people. Visiting Mau Island, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the life of local people with daily activities as picking coconuts, removing fishes on nets, cooking lunch by themselves and visit the worshiping place of hundred-ton whale. At night, visitors can enjoy grilled seafood with local people.

Dau Island is the end site on the journey discovering Nam Du Archipelago. This is a small island where only a few households live, but owns unspoiled scenery with golden sand, coconut trees, fresh air, and primary forest representing about 90% of the island area. Not only sea bathing, to Dau Island, visitors also have the opportunity to explore colorful coral reefs and numerous fishes. The island is an ideal site for camping overnight and enjoying grilled seafood.

Discovering the islands with their own characteristics in Nam Du Archipelago will leave for visitors unforgettable experiences on the paradise islands and sea of Viet Nam.

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