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Most spectacular for hiking/treckking trails in Cambodia


Located in the northeast, Mondulkiri is a top destination for trekking tours in Cambodia. A trip to this place would enable travelers to leave the bustling cities behind and immerse yourself in the wild nature. Here exist mysterious jungles, rocking waterfalls, mighty rivers, wild animals, and even more. All these majestic things would definitely make you fall in love with Mondulkiri from the very first meet.

Especially, Mondulkiri is renowned for its elephant sanctuary, where tourists can get a closer approach to the endangered Asian Elephants. Observing the elephants is a one-of-a-kind experience that intrepid travelers should never miss.

Phnom Kulen National Park

The dense jungle of Phnom Kulen National Park is another fascinating place for hiking tours in Siem Reap. The Park is located not so far from the city center, hence becoming a top choice for a weekend break and short-day trekking.

Phnom Kulen is home to majestic waterfalls, which are just too mighty to be true. Nothing is better than let the water splashes from the waterfalls hit your body to cool down the heat of hot summer days.

There are also ancient temples and important historical sites here, ideal for religious followers to visit.

Cardamon Mountain

Cardamon is one of Southeast Asia’s biggest rainforests. The forest remains intact from human influences and mass tourism industry, thus being a promising land for trekkers to challenge themselves.

There are several fancy activities for hikers to participate when trekking to Cardamon. You can ride the boat along the canals to go deep inside the jungle, walk under the large foliage and listen to the murmurs of the birds, or experience the life of the local ethnic people.

The bio-ecological system of Cardamon is exceptionally rich with a wide array of wild species. If you are lucky enough, you might catch a glimpse of a wild leopard or an elephant there.


Thanks to the majestic settings of soaring mountains, lush forests, rolling hills, and marvelous river, Ratanakiri is a favorable trekking trail in Cambodia. It is so unforgettable an experience to paddle your boat along the mighty Sesan river to harmonize yourself with nature. Additionally, you can spend the night on a tribal village and get exposed to the life of the indigenous ethnic people there.