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The best places for yoga retreat in Vietnam

Dalat - The City of Eternal Spring

Known as the City of Love and Eternal Spring, Dalat is an extremely ideal place for those wishing to enjoy all-year-round cool temperate weather, romantic landscapes from dreamy pine tree forests, awe-inspiring flower fields to French boulevards and villas from the colonial period. A lot of amazing, famous and peaceful attractions are waiting for us. Liang Biang, The Valley of Love, Crazy House - the world’s ten most creative buildings, Dalat Flower Gardens, Dalat Railway Station, Xuan Huong lake and many more will not disappoint you.

Vinh Hy Bay - The beautiful bay where the sky meets the ocean

Located in Ninh Thuan Province, Vinh Hy Bay is one of the most beautiful seascapes worth a discovery in Vietnam. Still remaining unspoiled and untouched by humans, Vinh Hy Bay is home to some of the world’s most diverse wildlife. Vinh Hy Bay is a perfect place for romantic escapes and wellness retreat where pristine jungle tumbles into crystal-clear waters. Pioneering in Spa House, Aman Spa in Vinh Hy Bay offers you a customized wellness experience of three immersion programs and exceptionally beautiful setting.

Ha Giang - Home to Incredible Rice Terrace

In addition to the unique culture of ethnic minorities, Ha Giang’s majestic beauty of the terrace is such a hit with both local and foreign tourists. With its untouched scenery, Ha Giang is one of the most recommended tourist attractions in Vietnam, especially for those wishing to get closer to Vietnam countryside.

This is ideal for backpackers and those wishing to conquer new lands and challenge themselves. The mountain ranges soaring up will give a breathtaking view when we are at mountain summits. The deep valleys, dense forests together with amazing waterfalls create a majestic scenery that can satisfy all visitors. In late spring and early autumn, the region looks colorful with rice terraces, while in the winter, the mountains are even covered with snow. Especially, Ma Pi Leng Pass and Happiness Road in Ha Giang are the favorite spots of adventurous trekkers.

Tam Dao - An amazing Hideaway Place near Hanoi

Just about 60 km from Hanoi, Tam Dao town in Vinh Phuc province is one of the most favorite places for those wishing to rest after a week of hard work. The first feeling when you step foot down on this dreamy land is the fresh air and there seems to be a giant natural air conditioning quietly spraying the cold air for the whole area.

Traveling to Tam Dao, enjoy the cold early autumn, take a sip coffee cup or relax on the romantic ramp to see the mountain clouds. Feeling the tranquility of the evening or the peace of the morning is no better. After a week of hard work, leaving behind tired tension, avoiding the smoke and dust of the city, what is better than going to peaceful Tam Dao for relaxation with nature to find yourself the silence in the soul.