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Best Time To Travel To Cambodia

The dry season is considered the best time to travel to Cambodia. The temperature is moderate, and there is little rain. Blue skies make it great to visit any destinations, from the ancient Angkor sanctuaries to the southern coastline.

Still, that does not mean the rest of the year is not suitable to travel. Rain and high humidity mean lush greenery. There’s no dust, also. Additionally, since it’s not the peak season, the country is less crowded, making it ideal for getaways.

Dry season

The dry season features clear sky, sunshine, and high visibility. Plus, the roads are at the best condition, making traveling and transiting easier than ever.

However, because it is the peak tourism period, numerous flocks of travelers head to Cambodia. Popular tourist attractions like Angkor and Siem Reap are often crowded. If you love the ecstatic vibes, then it’s fine. But if you long for a quiet holiday, this atmosphere is not really a good choice to opt for.

Wet Season

Not many people love to travel in the rainy season. It’s wet, and the roads are bumpy and slippery, especially in mountainous areas like Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri. Intrepid tours are mostly inadvisable due to this inconvenient condition. High waves make it exceptionally difficult to reach some islands on the southern sea, also.

Still, never be deterred from traveling within this season. Rains help make the plantation systems lush and green and offer more water to the river. Hence, it would be a great time for nature lovers to visit the floating villages or the flooded forests.

During this season, the country is less crowded, making it ideal for get-off-the-beaten-track trips. For those seeking the sacred vibes of the ancient temples, it is the best time to go, too.

Best Time To Travel To Cambodia