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Post & Communications In Laos

Below you can find a travel guide to post and communications in Laos, internet access in Laos, making a phone call in Laos, sending a post card in Laos.

Post and communication in Laos: The government-run postal service in Laos is fairly inexpensive compared to local standards.

Post The government-run postal service in Laos is fairly inexpensive compared to local standards. From major tourist destinations such as Vientiane and LuangPrabang, sending and receiving mails/parcels/letters is fairly easy and reliable. But if you travel in remote areas and want to send/receive letters/parcels, then it may not be that reliable.

If you are on a tour and in no hurry, you may want to wait and post your letters/parcels from Thailand or Vietnam. Post Office is normally open from 08:00 A.M through 09:00 P.M, 7 days/week in Vientiane and LuangPrabang. In the case you need to send/receive urgent letters/parcels, then the EMS or courier service is recommended, but it is more expensive.

When posting parcels, you must leave it open for inspection before posting. The same procedure is applied when you receive a parcel. A fee may be applied for such service. It may take up to 2 months for a letter/parcel to reach the destination.   Telephone /Fax The GPO offers public telephones for local, national and International Direct Dialing Calls. Phone cards are available at many shops, phone booths are available for domestic and overseas calls. Most large hotels have IDD lines, but calls from a hotel are very expensive. At Post Office and some hotels, sending/receiving fax service is also available.

If you have a GSM hand phone, then you can acquire a SIM card from a local shop. Signals for mobile phone are available at major tourist destinations like LuangPrabang, Vientiane or Savanakhet.

To make a phone call within the province/city, dial the phone number only. To make a phone call to another province, dial 0+the phone number To make an international phone call, dial 00 +country code + area code + phone number. Lao country code is 856.

Lao area code:

Attapeu  36

Bokeo   84

Bolikhamsai    54

Champasak    31

Hua Phan  64

HuayXai  84

Khammuan    51

Luang Nam Tha  86

LuangPrabang  71

Paksan  54

Pakse   31

Phongsali  88

Sainyabuli  74

Salavan  34

Sam Neua  64

Savanakhet    41

Sekong  38

ThaKhaek  52

Udomxai  81

VangVieng   21

Vientiane City  23

Vientiane Province  21

XiengKhuang 61

Email/Internet There are many internet cafes which provide easy access to the internet and reasonable rates at most tourist destinations such as LuangPrabang,  Vientiane, Pakse, Savanakhet...Even though internet speed may be very slow sometimes.

Post & Communications In Laos