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1 Day In Heaven Of Trang An – Mua Cave

A lot of us are desire to have a paradise-like vacation, but don’t have enough money and time to do so. If that’s the case, then our one day tour visiting Trang An – Mua Cave - Tuyet Tinh Coc is the perfect choice for you. If you’re still hesitating, here are some information that can persuade you.

Trang An – Mua Cave – Tuyet Tinh Coc are the 3 most beautiful attraction of Ninh Binh

Located in about 100 km from Hanoi, Ninh Binh is a province in the Northern Delta which has many beautiful landscapes with special historical significance. With unspoiled nature and charming sceneries, Ninh Binh is currently one of the famous destinations for travelers and also one of the places with the largest number of visitors.

Trang An, Mua Cave and Tuyet Tinh Coc are considered 3 of the most beautiful, magnificent and majestic natural sceneries of Ninh Binh Province. The pristine and natural scenery of Trang An has been recognized by UNESCO as a Natural and Cultural Heritage site of the world. The scene here is made up from rivers running through the limestone mountains, creating countless mysterious and mysterious natural caves.


Magnificent view of Trang An, Ninh Binh

To explore Mua Cave, you will have climb up to 486 staircases. That may sound tiring, but once you reach the top, you won’t be able to forget the beauty of Ninh Binh Province in such a long time. From the top of Mua Cave, you can see the road to Tam Coc Bich Dong. In the season of ripe rice, the place will be covered with a golden color. Many foreign tourists have been awed by the splendid view.


Stunning view from the top of Mua Cave

Tuyet Tinh Coc in Ninh Binh is also known as An Tiem Cave, is a special national monument located in the relics complex of Hoa Lu in Ninh Binh province. What makes it so special is the beautiful and unspoiled natural scenery. Tourist especially loves An Tiem Lake, which has clear water that you can even see the moss covered the bottom of the lake. The Am Tiem pagoda is located in the mountain, with a 200-step staircase for people to climb up to. Along the way up you’ll witness the stunning views around Tuyet Tinh Coc – how cool is that?


Poetic and stunning view of Tuyet Tinh Coc
With such beautiful and charming views, Trang An, Mua Cave and Tuyet Tinh Coc truly deserve the title “paradise of the earth”. And be able to discover all 3 of this tourist attraction in just one day is such a rare chance that you won’t have again in your life.
The tour will give you enough time to explore the fullest of these 3 magnificent tourist attraction. Drown in the beauty of nature, mountains, rivers and trees, all the stress from daily life will be washed away from your body in no time.


In the middle of the stunning nature of Trang An

The tour also gives you the chance to work out by climbing up the stairs or cycling. Not only be able to relax but you will also feel much stronger and more lively. A little exercise in the middle of nature will help you freshen yourself and improve your health effectively.


A little walking, climbing and exercise will help you freshen yourself

Remember to bring some Vietnamese cash too, because you can’t go home without some interesting and unique souvenirs for your loved ones. These little gifts can help you preserve the wonderful memories of Trang An, Mua Cave and Tuyet Tinh Coc too.


The hospitable and dedicated staff crew are ready to serve you from the moment you step your foot on the bus until you are dropped off. Their services will help you relax and have the best time of your life.