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Bac Giang Overview

Bac Giang Province is located in the northeastern part of the country, being situated 50 kilometres (31 mi) to the east of Hanoi. The province lies in the Red River Delta and is bordered by Quang Ninh to the east, Lang Son to the north, Thai Nguyen and the urban district of Soc Son in the capital Hanoi to the west, and Bac Ninh and Hai Duong to the south.

Topography It comprises three land forms namely, the lowland or delta land, the midland and the mountainous region. While the midland areas are in the districts of Hiep Hoa and Viet Yen, and the city of Bac Giang, the mountainous districts are the Son Dong, Luc Ngan, Yen The, Tan Yen, Yen Dung and Lang Giang; the seven mountainous districts account for 72% of area of Bac Giang province. Bac Giang has a total of 347 km of rivers and springs, the three most prominent rivers are the Luc Nam, the Thuong and the Cau. Apart from waterways, Bac Giang has many lakes, including Cam Son Lake and Khuon Than Lake; the area covered by ponds, lakes and lagoons is 16,300 hectares (40,000 acres).

Climate The province has the dominant characteristics of the tropical, temperate climate zone of the Northern Plain. The temperature, humidity and rainfall vary over months and seasons. The climate in the province has been discerned in two distinct seasons - the hot, rainy season from May to September and the cold, dry season from November to March. The average temperature varies between 22–23°C (72–73°F); the maximum temperature recorded was 41°C (106°F) while the lowest temperature was 13°C (55°F).

Tourism Come to Bac Giang, you will come to Cam Son Lake and Khuon Than Lake with clear water stay between mountains; primeval forest and famous fruit gardens of Luc Ngan district. Moreover, you will come to famous streams such as Suoi Mo, Suoi Reu with beautiful waterfalls, etc. Suoi Mo place also associated with a legend about the Princess Que My Nuong-daughter of King Hung Dinh Vuong who broke this fresh ground, and vestiges of the war which against invasion of the Feudal Northern. Moreover, you can come to Ha Temple, Trung Temple, Thuong Temple, etc. to burn some incense for fortune, for financial; and to bathe stream, to go mountaineering, to go sightseeing with fresh air. Primeval forest Khe Ro-Western Yen Tu with rich flora and fauna and beautiful landscapes in line with discovery travel and tourism ventures. There are famous vestiges of historical and cultural in some places such as Xuong Giang, Can Tram with famous battles since 15 century against invasion, or bastion Phon Xuong where Hoang Hoa Tham was against French colonialism, or ATK Hoang Van was a revolutionary base and a place of many important events of the Vietnam Revolution before August, 1945. Duc La Pagoda (Vinh Nghiem Tu), an Bo Da pagoda are Buddhist centers of country since about 13th century, where preserved many Buddhist woodblock and ancient architectures since hundred years. In addition, festivals, landscapes and vestiges of historical and cultural in Bac Giang will attract attention of travelers.

Transportation Bac Giang is 51km from Hanoi. There are national highway No. 1A, 31, and 279. And visitors also can use railway from Bac Giang to reach Hanoi, Lang Son, Thai Nguyen, and mineral area in Quang Ninh by train.


Bac Giang Province is located in the northeastern part of the country, being situated 50 kilometres (31 mi) to the east of Hanoi.


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