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Tra Vinh Overview

Tra Vinh Province belongs to Mekong River Delta in the South of Vietnam. It shares the borders with Ben Tre and Vinh Long provinces on the North, with Soc Trang province on the west and possesses a long coastline of 65km with East Sea on the East.


Topographically, Tra Vinh province is divided into coastal plain, alluvial deposits, mounds and sand caves, and complex network of rivers and canals.


Belonging to Mekong Delta River, Tra Vinh shares the common advantages with the whole region: abundant light condition and high and stable temperature. However, due to the climate features of coastal region, Tra Vinh is also suffered from difficulties such as strong wind, high level of evaporation and low rainfall. The average temperature of Tra Vinh is 26.6°C, which is ranging from the minimum of 18.5 °C to the maximum of 35.8 °C. Tra Vinh’s climate is divided into 2 main seasons: dry season and rainy season. Rainy season lasts from May to November of a year and dry season last from December to April of the next year.


Tra Vinh owns many favorable conditions to develop its economy and tourism. Endowed with the location of being surrounded by Tien and Hau Rivers and long coastline, the economy of Tra Vinh is based on agriculture, aquaculture, fish and shrimp breeding. The province is circled by flourishing plants in garden village along the river bank. Moreover, Tra Vinh is a home of Khmer culture and architecture which reflect through the construction of many pagodas in the region like Hang Pagoda, Ang Pagoda, Nodol Pagoda and so on. Ang Pagoda is one of the ancient pagodas in Tra Vinh. It is surrounded by old trees near Ba Om Pond. The architecture of the pagoda is ancient and unique and it was recognized as a National Heritage Site by the Ministry of Culture and Information. Ba Om Pond’s atmosphere is cool and pure all year around. It is one of the most prominent sites in Tra Vinh. Additionally, Tra Vinh is an ideal place for those who seek for a relaxing place. Tourists coming here will have chance to swim and sunbathe in the clean and fresh water of Ba Dong Beach as well as sink in the sound of thousands of many kinds of birds (like storks, pigeons, etc.) in the harmony with nature. Every year, My Long Sea Worshipping Festival (10th – 15th day of the 5th lunar month) is organized at Ba Chua Xu Temple. This festival was first held by fishermen in My Long in 1937 to seek peace. Gradually, the festival has grown bigger, and it now attracts many participants and tourists.


Tra Vinh City is 66km from Vinh Long, 205km from Ho Chi Minh City, 110km from Ben Tre, My Tho. There are National Highways No.53, 54, 60 linking the districts of Tra Vinh and neighbor provinces.


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