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Perfume Pagoda Overview

The Perfume Pagoda, known locally as Chua Huong or ‘inner temple’, is at the centre of a very revered and sacred site featuring a maze of mainly Buddhist temples built into the limestone cliffs of Huong Tich. At the heart of this complex lies the Perfume Temple or Perfume Pagoda in the Huong Tich Cave.

There are many pagodas to visit, each offering a different shrine, most of which are Buddhist although one or two are animist. The Perfume Pagoda attracts pilgrims and tourists seeking good luck from the stalagmites and stalactites inside the cave which have been named according to the individual blessing they can bestow. Dun Tien offers prosperity and Nui Co offers the chance of giving birth to a girl whilst Dun Gao translates as a ‘rice stack’ to those hoping for a bountiful harvest.

The landscapes here are so pretty and romantic that make lots of tourists surprised and excited. Thus, no wonder why the pagoda has long been an ideal destination for Buddhist followers at New Year time, especially in the festival season. If you want to discover all the beauty of Perfume Pagoda, you need to travel on boat for quite a long time. From Ben Duc, you slowly rowed on Yen Stream and then come back at Ben Tro.

Wonderful scenes on the boat route of Perfume Pagoda

Coming to the attraction, you shall have an unique mean of transport to travel is sitting on the little boats operated by the skillful drivers who will take you to discover the temples on the mountains and hills which are apart from each other by the winding sections of river and the gentle but romantic and attractive beauty of Yen Stream charmingly floating between the two slopes of mountain. It shall be a new and exciting experience to sit on boat wandering on the river and immersing into the nature to feel the pristine beauty of the attraction. From the boat, you will get the chance to admire the mountains, the hills covered with the green of trees and enjoy the harmony paintings in which wind, sunshine, water and plants are all well blended. In addition, travelling on Yen Stream, tourists shall also have opportunity to admire the beauty of bombax ceiba tree in its blooming season which dye the two river shores in red. The red bunches of rice flowers on the blue sky seems to be the fire warming up the space and dispel the cold air in the North at New Year time.

Other information for trip to Perfume Pagoda:

  • Perfume Pagoda Festival: From Jan 6th to the end of March by Vietnamese Calendar.
  • Bombax ceiba blossom: March.
  • Water-lily season: From Sep to Nov (in the fall).



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