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Mai Chau Overview

The Mai Châu valley’s proximity to the capital makes it an ideal overnight escape. Here, small, homestay-filled ethnic minority villages sit in among a patchwork of paddy fields surrounded by soaring mountain peaks.

Sleep in a homestay

The Mai Châu Valley is home to two of the most successful homestay tourism villages in Vietnam: Lac and Poom Coong. In both villages, White Thai families offer simple accommodation in stilt houses right on the edge of vibrant rice fields. The best homestays are clustered around Hiệu village, with a setting so idyllic that it's almost unreal, surrounded by verdant jungle, limestone outcrops, and tall mountain tops. If the idea of a homestay doesn't appeal to you, you'll also find lodges in Mai Châu, offering more comfort and beautiful bungalows with pools and private terraces.

Cycle around the valley

Both hotels and homestays offer bicycle rentals for travellers. Exploring the many quiet ribbons of paths that connect clusters of stilt houses might be the greatest pleasure you'll have in Mai Châu. It doesn’t take long to get away from the crowds and feel like you’ve found your own quiet corner of the valley, riding past humble villages and rice paddies.

Shop for local crafts

Mai Châu has no shortage of local handicrafts and intricate fabrics woven by skilled weavers on ancient looms. A little gentle bargaining is expected and even welcomed. On Sunday, head into Mai Châu town where the morning market attracts people from different ethnic minorities who come dressed in their finest traditional clothing.

Eat with the locals

Known for their warm hospitality, the White Thai are also fantastic cooks and serve up excellent home-cooked feasts for dinner—ideal to replenish your energy reserves after a day of bicycle adventuring. The meals you're served at the homestays in Mai Châu might be some of the best on your Vietnam trip.

Plan a day trek

There are countless treks you can take from Mai Châu, and your hotel should be able to set you up with a guide if you need one. For a full daytrip, add a kayaking excursion on nearby Hòa Bình Lake. This is a beautiful body of water surrounded by jungled hills. For more remote and adventurous options, venture a little further to the Pu Luong Nature Reserve.

Visit Pu Luong Nature Reserve

It is easy to spend a few days doing little else than admiring the nature around Mai Châu, but a wander through the forests is richly rewarded. Scores of cool, fresh streams run among the trees, feeding waterfalls and aquarmarine pools ideal for bathing in the afternoon heat. For the best experience hire a guide and head deeper into the area.

Mai Chau Itineraries

24 hours in Mai Châu

Hire a bicycle to get the most out of one day in Mai Châu and head off to explore. You'll find pretty villages connected by narrow paths weaving between paddy fields. Stock up on souvenirs at markets in town before enjoying a home-cooked feast in one of the many stilt house homestays in the area.

48 hours in Mai Châu

On your second day in Mai Châu, head a little further afield on a guided trek or consider a kayak tour on the Hòa Bình Reservoir. Cap your stay with drinks and a killer view at the Sunset Bar.

Mai Chau Weather

March to May and September to November are the best times to visit Mai Châu. October is perhaps the most ideal month because harvest takes place and the rice takes on a glorious golden hue.

Transport to Mai Chau

Mai Châu is around 140km from Hanoi. Local buses from the capital run direct into Mai Châu town just a short walk from Lác and Poom Coọng villages. Coming from Sơn La or Điện Biên province, you will need to ask the driver to stop at the Mai Châu turn off. In Hanoi, it is possible to hire a motorbike or a car with driver for the journey.



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