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Da Nang Overview

Danang is the largest city in central Vietnam and one of the country's most important ports. Ringed by mountains on one side and the South China Sea on the other, Danang borders Thua Thien Hue Province across the Hai Van Pass to the north, Quang Nam Province to the south and west, and the ocean to the east.


Geologically, Danang is situated at the edge of a Paleozoic fold belt known as the Truong Son Orogenic Zone, whose main deformation occurred during the early Carboniferous period. Danang topography is dominated by the steep Annamite mountain range to the north and northwest, featuring peaks ranging from 700 to 1,500 meters (2,300 to 4,900 ft) in height, and low-lying coastal plains with some salting to the south and east, with several white sand beaches along the coast.


Danang is located in the zone of typical tropical monsoon, temperate and equable climate. The city's weather bears the combination of the north and the south climate characters with the inclination to the former. There are two seasons: the wet from August to December and the dry season from January to July, cold waves are occasional but they are of average and short lasting. Temperatures are typically high, with an annual average of 25.9°C. Temperatures are highest between June and August (averaging 33 to 34°C), and lowest between December and February (averaging 18 to 19°C). Cold, wet and windy in winter brings even lower temperatures in December and January.


Though it does not boast French colonial building like Hanoi or pride in the busy nightlife like Ho Chi Minh City, Danang has its own charm. Danang is growing into one of the most organized urban area, with attractive beach front villas on the one side and Han River flowing on the other. Of the few attractions that belong to the city, Museum of Cham stands out with its rich collection of Cham artefacts. Located 12 kilometers westwards from the city, Marble Mountains is one of the most charming tourist attractions in Danang. It is also known as the Ngu Hanh Son or ‘Mountains of the Five Element’. Its five summits are named accordingly; Thuy Son which means water is the highest, Moc Son meaning wood, Kim Son denoting metal, Tho Son signifying soil and Hoa Son is fire. This place is also well-known for its marble crafts. Quan Am Festival on Marble Mountain is organized in 3 days of the 2nd lunar month. Like other traditional festivals, Quan Am Festival on Marble Mount consists of two parts: the religious ceremony and the festival itself. For those who crave for more outdoors activities, My Khe beach is a good place to spend time, either by yourself or with your loved ones. To the North and South ends of the city, Monkey and Marble mountains store some historical and religious symbols. If you want to escape the heat, Ba Na resort is a miniature of Da Lat, only with fewer tourists. Bring some warm clothes if you plan to visit this cottage-full place.


Danang is 108km from Hue, 130km from Quang Ngai, 763km from Hanoi, and 947km from Ho Chi Minh City. Besides, Danang International Airport - 2.5km south-west of the city center provides domestic flights to some cites and direct flights from Bangkok, Hong Kong, Siem Riep, Taipei, Singapore, etc. to Danang City.



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